Chamundi Hill Palace Ayurvedic Resort - Ayurveda in Kerala

Chamundi Hill Palace is situated on Rajkumar estate, a lush greenery of 250 acres rubber plantation. The resort lies amidst peacefull surroudings in a stunning beauty of trees and flowering shurbs, 1300 feet above sea level.

This is a place for traditional ayurvedic healing, for breathing in fresh air, for rest and calm and for recouping energies of body and mind!

We offer a range of ayurvedic treatments such as rejuvenation, panchakarma, weight loss, stess relief, yoga and meditation. The GREEN LEAF AYURVEDA CERTIFICATE, granted by Government of Kerala, guarantees you a professional attention.

"Chamundi Hill is still my family home, except for that now my family is the people working here and our guests. When I see how much everybody gains from the beautiful surroundings and the healthy atmosphere, my life is filled with joy and contentment. And this achievement honors my late husband, his family and the Goddess Chamundi", Saroja says (Owner of Chamundi Hill Palace Ayurvedic Resort).

Chamundi Hill Palace Ayurvedic Resort · Jibu C. Joseph
Kanjirapally · Kottayam - 686 512 · Kerala, India
phone: +91-4828-25 12 46 · mobil: +91-9447-87 03 46

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